• Overview

    DJSU949 DC electronic electric energy meter (guide rail) adopts advanced electric energy metering special chip, which uses digital sampling place

    It is designed and manufactured according to the actual power consumption, and has the international advanced level of electric energy meter. All components in the electric meter are selected from long-life, highly reliable electronic components, so it has the characteristics of long life and high reliability.

    The meter adopts a high-precision sampling measurement unit and a high-speed MCU data processing unit, which can achieve high-precision, wide-range and accurate measurement.

    Volume and fast data analysis: LCD display screen, rich in display content, display items can be customized according to customer requirements: non-volatile memory is used to store all kinds of data, which can save data for a long time without losing power when power off; using high-precision temperature The crystal oscillator with complementary function effectively guarantees the accuracy of the clock within the operating temperature range; it supports RS485 communication port and industry standard communication protocol, and the networking is convenient and flexible.

    The main function

    Metering function

    1) Time-sharing measurement of total forward active energy and total reverse active energy, recording current and historical 12-month data, and independent measurement of total electrical energy and electrical energy at various rates;

    2) Record the current and historical 12-month combined active power total energy and the power of each tariff rate. When the combined power is calculated by the temporary combination method, the combined power will be recalculated when the combination method is changed.

    Multi-rate function

    1) Programmable 4 kinds of rates, 14 time slots, 8 daily time slots, 14 annual time zones, 32 public holidays;

    2) The electric meter has 2 sets of time zone tables and 2 sets of daily time slots;

    3) The built-in clock chip has calendar, timing and anniversary automatic switching functions, as well as temperature compensation.

    Display function

    1) LCD display, which can display character and image interface;

    2) It can display the current operating parameters of the electric energy meter such as voltage, current, power, and electric energy;

    Communication function

    1) The electric meter has an RS485 interface, and the PC or handheld computer can communicate with the electric meter through the communication interface;

    2) The RS485 interface is electrically isolated from the inside of the meter, and a lightning protection circuit is designed;

    3) With infrared communication function;

    4) Support DL/T645-2007 and MODBUS-RTU dual communication protocol, other protocols can be customized according to customer requirements;

    Output function

    1) With active test pulse output

    2) With multi-function output function, it can output clock signal, time switching signal;

    Event logging function

    1) It has recording functions such as power failure, programming, meter reset, and time calibration record;

    special function

    1) With fault information prompt and alarm function;

    2) It has the functions of timed freezing, instantaneous freezing, agreed freezing, daily freezing and hourly freezing;

    3) Data recording function before the meter is reset.

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