1983—1994, Initial and accumulation stage

    In April 1983, "Qingtian County Xiangdong Instrument Factory" (the predecessor of Ante Group) was established. Starting from 10,000 yuan, in the spirit of "striving for perfection", relying on quality and reputation to survive, complete the accumulation of original capital, and lay the foundation for the development of the company.


    1994—2001, Directed development stage

    In 1994, a Sino-foreign joint venture Zhejiang Qingtian Ante Instrument Co., Ltd. was established to introduce foreign advanced technology and equipment, make full use of the preferential policies of the joint venture, develop and strengthen the strength of the enterprise, and establish the direction of professional development of electric energy meters.

    In March 1994, Ante's first office building was completed, and the slogan of "creating the world with quality and making friends with sincerity" was put forward.


    2001—2005, Scale expansion and diversified operation stage

    In April 2001, it was renamed Zhejiang Ante Instrument Co., Ltd. With capital as the link, market-oriented, product-oriented, brand-centric, horizontally integrated, and embarked on the road of economies of scale, the company has grown rapidly.

    In March 2003, Zhejiang Ante Import and Export Trade Co., Ltd. was established to develop the enterprise in accordance with the requirements of the modern enterprise system and to become an international enterprise.

    In February 2004, Zhejiang Qingtian Ante Real Estate Investment Co., Ltd. was established to engage in incubation park operation. It was the first private enterprise in our province to operate an industrial park. At present, it has become a successful model for Qingtian County to promote the application of the investment promotion m


    2005-2010, Have achieved initial results

    In 2010, Ante Instruments officially entered the State Grid bidding, becoming one of the only 63 companies qualified for bidding in China.

    2010-2021, Ascending and Crossing Stages

    In 2021, the modern new factory building in Ante Industrial Park will be completed, further enhancing the degree of automation.

    Ante Instrument Group Co., Ltd.

    The End

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