• Overview:

    DDSY949 single-phase electronic prepaid watt-hour meter adopts special large-scale integrated circuit and SMT process technology, adopts industrial-grade international famous brands, long-life components, and uses 5+2-digit LCD screen or six-digit LED digital tube for information display Shows that the power failure data is not lost, this product can accurately measure the single-phase active power in the 50-60Hz AC power grid, and its performance complies with the national standard GBT17215-2002 (idt IEC61036 international standard) and GBT18460.3-2001

    All technical requirements of "iC Card Prepaid Electricity Sales System Part 3: Prepaid Electricity Meters". This product is mainly used in the implementation of the electricity supply and use system where the electricity is paid before the electricity is used. It can realize the top purchase of electricity and the maximum load limit. And other functions, to solve the problem of difficult charging of power supply departments. It has the characteristics of good reliability, wide load, low power consumption, high precision and strong anti-interference ability.

    Basic functions and features:

    1. Measure the forward and reverse active power, and the reverse power is measured in the forward direction.

    2. Use passive photoelectric isolation technology to output passive electric energy pulse signals, and light-emitting diodes indicate electricity consumption.

    3. User pre-purchase power, maximum load limit, two-level setting of alarm power, encrypted IC card to transmit data in both directions.

    4. The LCD screen displays power information and meter information in turns; or the LED digital tube button displays power information and meter information in turns.

    5. One meter, one card, without losing power.

    6. Read back the remaining power, the total power consumption in the meter, the total number of power purchases and other information.

    7. Report the remaining power, and report the control of overload and power failure.

    8. Single and three-phase prepaid meters can share a set of electricity sales management system.

    9. Bayonet anti-attack, power outage data can be stored for more than 10 years.

    10. Good reliability, anti-stealing, wide load, low power consumption, high precision and long-term work without meter calibration and strong anti-interference ability.

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