• Overview:

    DDS949 single-phase electronic anti-theft multiple rate electric energy meter, used to measure single-phase 50-60Hz AC active energy. The electric meter has multiple anti-theft functions, such as one line, one ground, reverse theft, neutral line removal, anti-magnetic, open cover recording and other anti-theft functions. The meter is equipped with a ToU function, which can store data such as 12 months of electricity, maximum demand, and time when the maximum demand occurs.

    The main function:

    1) Anti-stealing function: multi-function anti-stealing functions such as fire-wire jumper, reverse-phase electricity theft, one line and one ground, and remove the fire or neutral line;

    2) Time-sharing measurement: four rates, data storage in the last 12 months;

    3) Local data communication function, the meter has a data communication port that meets the requirements of the iEC62052-21 standard;

    4) Instantaneous value measurement: voltage, live wire current, neutral wire current, active power value, power factor and other instantaneous value measurement display or record;

    5) Maximum demand function measurement, record and store the current, last month, last month maximum demand value and occurrence time;

    6) Power failure display function;

    7) High precision, wide load 12 times (such as: 5 (60) A), the maximum can achieve 20 times (such as 5 (100) A) long-term work does not need to adjust the accuracy of the meter;

    8) The meter is designed to be resistant to high temperature and aging, the outer casing and display screen are all made of anti-ultraviolet materials, and the battery and other main components are all internationally renowned brand components, reliable performance and long life;

    9) The meter adopts an enhanced anti-lightning surge design, with a surge voltage of 12KV (1.2/50 microseconds) and a short-circuit surge current of 6KA (8/20 microseconds) once per minute, which can continuously resist lightning surges for at least 30 times;

    10) The electric energy meter has the function of opening the meter cover and opening the end cover to record.

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