• Overview:

    DDSY949-K single-phase electronic electric energy meter is an electric energy meter with international advanced level, designed and manufactured according to the actual electricity consumption of residents, using advanced energy metering dedicated chips, digital sampling processing technology and SMT technology. All components in the electric meter are made of long-life, highly reliable electronic components, so it has the characteristics of long life and high reliability. The meter can realize the functions of electric energy measurement, infrared, carrier communication, LCD display and so on. The meter has a programming password, which can protect the internal data of the meter, and has an electric energy test pulse output function.

    The main function:

    1. Single-phase prepaid electric energy meter based on keyboard

    2.20-bit Standard Transmission Specification (STS)

    3. Dual circuit measurement design prevents all means of stealing electricity

    4. Programmable remaining alarm amount

    5. Comply with STS standard certification

    6. Communication port

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