• Overview:

    DDSY949 single-phase electronic prepaid electric energy meter adopts advanced electric energy measurement chip, digital sampling technology and SMT technology. According to the actual situation of the residents, the design and manufacturing are of international advanced level. All components are selected from electronic components with long service life and high reliability. Therefore, the electric energy meter has the characteristics of long service life and high reliability. The meter realizes the functions of electric energy measurement, infrared communication, power line carrier communication, liquid crystal display, prepayment and programming password, etc., which can protect internal data. With test power pulse output function.

    The main function:

    1. Measure forward and reverse active energy meters.

    2. Prepaid function: purchase electric energy, the electric energy meter warns that when the remaining energy is reduced to the preset value, it can still be used after the power is cut off and the alarm is turned off.

    3. Overdraft energy can be set

    4. Restrict the purchase of electricity to prevent illegal hoarding.

    5. Cut off the power supply when overloaded.

    6. When the power fails, the energy meter continues to measure.

    7. Optional PLG communication and remote infrared communication.

    8. Event record: the end cover is opened, the magnetic field is detected, the current is unbalanced, and the payment data.

    9. Take turns to display on the LCD screen.

    10. The electric meter is equipped with a prepaid automatic electricity vending system.

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