• Party Day Activity themed by "Learning Party History, Strengthening Belief and Following the Party"

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    Celebrate the centennial birthday and strive to be the pioneer of both strong. On May 15, the General Party Branch of Ante Park and the Party Branch of Tangli Village organized Party members to jointly carry out the theme Party Day activity of "Learning Party History, Strengthening Faith and Following the Party". In front of the bright red Party flag, all Party members raised their right hands and solemnly pledged, "I volunteer to join the Communist Party of China, support the Party program, abide by the Party Constitution and fulfill the obligations of Party members..." The solemn oath expresses the infinite loyalty and love of all members of the Party.

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    We are determined to carry forward the revolutionary tradition and spirit with concrete actions and give full play to the pioneering and exemplary role of Party members in all our posts.

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    In response to the Qingtian County Party Committee and the county government issued a comprehensive wave of national civilized city creation, after the theme activity, the General Party Branch of Ante Park organized the Party members to carry out voluntary service activities, to clean the small micro enterprise park of Ante and the road of Tangli Ao Village, volunteers with broom, garbage pliers, garbage bags and other cleaning tools, pick up discarded cigarette, plastic garbage, etc. The garbage in the road and green belt will be removed, and the actual action will be put into Qingtian to create a national civilized city.

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    After the event, the party members said that they would be strict with themselves as qualified members, never forget the original aspiration, remember the mission, know the history, love the Party, know the history and love the country, practice the responsibilities of Communist Party members with their own practical actions, and contribute their share to the construction of a national civilized city in Qingtian.

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    The General Party Branch of Ante Park always adheres to the working concept of "Party construction is development", takes "village and enterprise co-construction" as the carrier, implements the party construction work, and goes out a new way of regional Party construction with the integration and development of various organizations. The General Branch of the CPC has been awarded the honor of "Advanced Grass-roots Party Organization" by Zhejiang Provincial Committee of the CPC and Qingtian County Committee of the CPC.

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